Why detoxing the body is important

Why detoxing the body is important

Let me start off by saying I love eating! and think it is safe to say almost everyone does. Do not get me wrong eating is wonderful if you are feeding your body food to fuel it and not break it down, but I knew I was not doing that and in return I was harming my body with the toxins I would fill it with on a daily basis by not being mindful of the foods I was intaking.Excess toxin build up puts stress on your body and  not healthy because a build up of toxins can stick to the walls of your body which can lead to the potential harm of vital organs and system.It is important to detox your body at least once a month in if you have been pigging out and not implementing a detox regimen in your lifestyle routine.I have listed a few symptoms below to let you know if you might need a detox!

A toxic body may manifest a variety of signs and symptoms:

 *Skin irritations (rashes, acne, etc.)

 *Constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues

 *Frequent colds and viruses

 *Unexplained headaches

 *General aches and pains

 *Feeling tired/  low energy

 *Weight Plateau/Stagnant Weight

  *Digestive issues

  *Thyroid Problems

  *Chronic Inflammation

The body neutralizes or eliminates toxins via the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. The toxins that the body is unable to eliminate are usually stored in fat tissues and bone.Our 14 day intense detox is packed with natural herbal superfood blends to burn fat, rid the body of toxins and waste , to aid you to slim down at a faster rate all while supporting a healthy colon.Our detox tea is specially formulated to support the colon in cleansing and replenishing of old build up waste in the body .A build up of waste in the body can stick to your intestinal walls leading to recirculation of unnecessary toxins .Our 14 day detox is just what you need to push these toxins out of you body in order to reset the body and loose stubborn fat and promote a healthier digestive system.We assure you our detox tea will aid in helping you feel energized and rejuvenate all while shedding the extra waste.