How to Stop Ingrown Hairs on a Woman's Face?

How to Stop Ingrown Hairs on a Woman's Face?


Women who struggle with coarse facial hair around their chin often struggle to find appropriate methods to remove these hairs and the ingrown hairs caused by these hair removal methods.

For some reason, products formulated for women are intended to help remove delicate facial hair or infrequent coarse hair, which rarely assists the many women who grow coarse hair naturally on their chin.

Those of us with coarse chin hair and ingrown facial hair around this area know the pain, irritation, and hyper pigmentation that can plague the chin — and the frustration and desperation to find a remedy that works to stop ingrown facial hairs on women.

All that changes with this fuss-free guide that will rid you of pesky ingrown hairs in two weeks!

An Easy 3-Step Process to Remove Facial Ingrown Hairs as a Woman

Ingrown facial hairs on women are common.

Of course, it's not as noticeable on most women because they cover the affected area with makeup and have to suffer through the pain or spend thousands of dollars for laser hair removal.

This 3-step process is far more accessible than laser and just ad effective at removing facial ingrown hairs.

Step 1: Keep Skin Clean and Moisturized

To avoid getting ingrown hairs, ensure your skin is clean, especially after tweezing, waxing, or using a facial hair removal formula.

Makeup, dead skin cells, and other impurities are responsible for clogging hair follicles and causing the hair along your chin to grow sideways.

Exfoliating your chin with a scrub is recommended.

Follow up with a moisturizer, but don't apply to the chin. Instead, focus on keeping the area around the chin healthy and moisturized.

You still want to ensure the skin around your chin is moisturized, but you should use a serum formulated for ingrown facial hairs — see step 3.

Step 2: Remove Chin Hairs with a Tweezers

When you have more than one or two coarse chin hairs, tweezing may not seem like a viable option, but it's still your best bet to avoid getting ingrown chin hairs. You don't need expensive tweezers. A drugstore brand will do. Just be sure to pluck your hair from the root, as this prevents splinting that causes ingrown facial hairs.

If tweezing every individual hair is not possible, use a high-quality razor — not women's facial razors — and prep your skin with shave oil and some facial shaving gel. Then prioritize aftercare by generously applying aftershave.

Step 3: Use a Herbal Hair Oil to Heal Ingrown Hairs


Apply the BCONSCIOUS NATURALS Vegan Herbal Hair Removal Oil to your chin after tweezing or shaving. Then for best results, apply day and night after cleansing. In two weeks, the skin affected by ingrown hairs will be visibly lighter, bump-free, and free from ingrown hairs. Chin hair will also grow back softer, similar to other facial hair.

The BCONSCIOUS NATURALS Vegan Herbal Hair Removal Serum has been formulated with Organic Melaleuca Leaf and Lavandula Leaf, proven to treat and remove ingrown hairs.